Name: Willin Wang

Birth: June,1989

Sex: Male

Location: Nanjing, China

Position: CTO

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QQ: 2539929

GitHub: http://github.com/willin

Weibo: http://weibo.com/willinx


欢迎您,第N位访客! 我是王之琳 Willin Wang。位于南京市·浦口区。生日89年6月,男。生下来是个胖子,长成了瘦子,现在又变成了胖子……


毕业于金陵科技学院NIIT专业,是认证的企业系统工程师(DNIIT Enterprise Systems Engineer)和面向对象应用开发者(NIIT Object Oriented Application Developer)。

说到编程吧,其实我起步很早,从小学就开始学习Turbo Basic,Quick Basic,然后Visual Basic什么的。我的第一个网站是在高中时期搭建的,用的域名是best02.cn。后来我得到了最喜欢的域名Agean.com.cn,但是由于有段时间不许个人注册.CN域名了,我便放弃了它。现在这个域名Willin.org是09年10月注册的。


Hi, the No.N Visitor! My Name is Willin Wang (Wang Zhilin in Chinese). Now located in Nanjing, China. Born in June 3rd,1989 at a small hospital of Haian, Jiangsu Province, China. When just born I was a fatso. Long days after being slim, I am a fatass again now…

Now I’m working as a CTO, Architecture.

Graduated from Jinling Institute of Technology (Major in NIIT Software Development), Certified DNIIT Enterprise Systems Engineer and NIIT Object Oriented Application Developer.

I start learning programme at about 6 years old, with the Turbo Basic, then Quick Basic, Visual Basic. In senior high school, I built up my first Website with the domain Best02.cn. My favorite is Agean.com.cn but for a time .CN domain was not available for personal use, I gave it up. Willin.org was registered at Oct, 2009.